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"The produce is exported to China, Thailand and Malaysia, and also supplied to power plants located in Indonesia."
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PT Core Mineral Indonesia came into being in 2004. The company enjoys the ownership of about 15,000 hectares of coal mines, which it exploits to serve Indian and other Asia Pacific markets. While the estimated total reserves are in excess of 200 million tons, the current production from the mines at Bengkulu, Sumatra registers 100,000 MT per month. The produce is exported to China, Thailand and Malaysia, and also supplied to power plants located in Indonesia.

PT Core Mineral Indonesia is determined to augment its production levels. The company has deployed a team of mining engineers and geologists, whose mandate it is to develop the resources, maximise the potential of the high-GCV, low-ash and low-sulphur coal mines and realise an annual capacity of 2 million MT.

A team of over 150 skilled mining professionals and local labours including 15 mining engineers and geologists is continuously working to develop the resources and to open up these high GCV, low ash, low sulphur coal mines to produce up to 2 million TPA.

The company also has exclusive access to other coal producers in Indonesia and South Africa. Our next venture aims to capitalize on fuel and power opportunities in India and abroad. Having earmarked several coal mines, Archean is looking at options to mobilize production from them as linkages to coal-fired thermal power plants in the Asia-Pacific region. Plans are being drafted to ensure that coal production meets requirements stipulated by the acquired environmental clearances and licenses. We are currently in the process of developing the stockyards, hauling roads, crushing plant, captive jetty, loading systems and other coal handling infrastructure. We are also looking to acquire coal up-gradation plants, thus opening up further opportunities for investment.